Ethereum Lite Crypto (ELITE): The History and What Happened To It

Please note that Ethereum Lite (ELITE) is not the same thing as Litecoin. To learn more about Litecoin check out our other guide to Litecoin.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • What Is Ethereum Lite?
  • Ethereum Lite Price (Current Crypto Price)
  • Ethereum vs Ethereum Lite
  • How to buy Ethereum lite

What is Ethereum Lite?

Ethereum Lite (ELITE) is a crypto currency that was created in 2017 anonymously. It it a token built on the ethereum blockchain. The current market cap and trading volumes of Ethereum Lite are both zero.

Ethereum Lite was supposed to be a currency, since Ether itself isn’t supposed to be used as a currency. The goal of Ethereum Lite was for it to be used / accepted by merchants as a currency.

Ethereum Lite Logo

There isn’t much information online about Ethereum Lite. Even the project’s website is no longer active. However, our team did some sleuthing to get you the inside scoop on what this crypto project was!

Ethereum Lite Roadmap

Can You Buy Ethereum Lite?

You can no longer buy ethereum lite on any major exchanges. The only way to buy ethereum lite is through a few small exchanges that still offer the crypto currency.


Ethereum Lite Whitepaper

Ethereum Lite Twitter Account

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