Matic Price CAD (MATIC / CAD)

What Is Matic?

Matic is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that is committed to building a scalable and decentralized app ecosystem. Matic’s technology has been designed for what it calls “real-world use cases” by focusing on what they call the “four pillars of scalability: security, decentralization, speed and cost”.

Matic is the same as Polygon in that they are both blockchain platforms. Matic is a platform for building decentralised applications, what we call DApps in the industry, while Polygon is a solution to help out with Ethereum’s scalability problems by producing side-chains off of the main blockchain and then using these side chains as app environments.

The Matic token (MATIC) is what powers the Matic network. It is used to pay for services on the network and can also be staked as a security deposit to qualify for voting rights on the network.


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